gluten free bake shop


what do you use instead of wheat flour in your baked goods?
each baked product is made with a unique mix of healthy and nutritious whole

grain gluten free and nut flours.

are all products gluten free?

yes, all products are made with certified gluten free ingredients.  our products

do contain nuts, dairy, and eggs.  there are vegan options available as well.

do your products contain preservatives?
our products are made with all natural and organic ingredients.  we do not use

any preservatives, artificial ingredients/flavors, or stabilizers.

how long do your baked goods last?

because we don’t use any preservatives, artificial ingredients or stabilizers,

we recommend eating our goodies within a few days. they can be kept in an

airtight container and left at room temperature for 3-4 days. whatever is left after can than be placed in an airtight container/ bag in the fridge and eaten within a week. warming them up again in the oven is heaven! ALL of our goods can also be frozen in an airtight zipper bag/container. when you’re ready to eat them, put it in the fridge to defrost. once they are soft, bring it back up to room temperature on the counter. then pop them in the oven or toaster for just a few minutes to warm them up and voila! delicious all over again!

do you deliver in NYC? do you ship across the US?

meryienda offers local delivery to NYC customers. please see the local delivery areas and pricing on the bake shop page. we also ship in the continental US.  we offer standard and express shipping. meryienda ships mon-thur to ensure delivery during the week.  we do not ship on the weekends.

do you have a storefront?
currently we can be found at G-Free NYC, Pushcart Coffee and at markets/events around new york city. meryienda can also be purchased on-line and delivered or shipped right to your door!  sign-up for our email list or follow us on twitter/facebook for updates!

do you take special orders?
we would love to accommodate your special order! we bake gluten free specialty cakes, cupcakes, breads, and filipino desserts. please email info@meryienda.com to place a special order at least 72 hours in advance.  we will try our best to fulfill your order!